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Things To Know When Renting A Limo For Prom in Atlanta

Be the “SUPER-STAR” Celebrity Group when you arrive at your PROM in Atlanta   One person (Parent/Student) should be in charge of securing the Limousine Services in Atlanta. Deal with a Legitimate Company that is certified by the State of Georgia and has a MCA # proving it. Don’t be embossed to ask; it’s your [...]

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Prom Planning Guide & Timeline

Make no mistake, the prom in your Atlanta school is a BIG DEAL. I mean, this is not the sort of party you can just roll up to as an afterthought, without any prep or planning. Well, technically, I suppose you could – but would you really want to? Problem is, your high school prom [...]

Prom Checklist by Limo In Atlanta

Everybody knows that Prom is an extremely important time and you can't leave anything to chance. Here is a quick checklist to make sure you have everything covered: Ladies: get a dress, Guys: get a suit or tux. This appears to be really plain as day, and likely not something you should be helped to [...]

Prom Season Is Among Us… Do You Have Your Limo Reserved Yet?

Homecoming & Prom Limousines Atlanta It's already mid March and Prom season is among us and if you don't have your stretch limousine reserved for prom then you better not wait a minute longer! Most limo companies in Atlanta take early reservations for prom stretch limos. Show up in style and know that [...]

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SUV SUPER-STRETCH LIMOUSINES FOR PROM   LIMOINATLANTA will “COMP” one Couple who books a 12-16 passenger SUV Super-Stretch LIMOUSINE for PROM Season by the end of this week - March 4th.   Deposit must be received for booking. Deposit is 50% of the entire cost of the evening for the Prom evening.

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Limousines for Prom in Atlanta

Prom Season Planning - Limousines for Prom in Atlanta If you are looking for super stretch limousines for Prom in Atlanta, then consider booking as soon as you can.  It’s never too early to start thinking about safe transportation for your upcoming PROM’s with friends. Taking a super-stretch limousine not only allows the specialty of [...]