The corner-stone of our business has continued to evolve from the very beginning, almost 30 years ago, to serving the City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia providing the most personal, attentive and first class / six star transportation service ever conceived, anywhere.


Attention to detail, regarding the smallest idiosyncratic things are our specialty. LIA seeks to provide this detail, whereas, even our VIP regular clientele, either do not even think of, or have thought of and it’s there, or sometimes only misses these amenities after they have experienced their presence. Our determination to provide the absolute highest quality of professionalism and customer service, are what distinguishes our company and drivers from the pack. We are not only professional, prompt and courteous, but highly knowledgeable of latest current events, the finest restaurants, and the most prominent nightclubs and hot spots.


Limo In Atlanta pays Special Attention to 3 Important Points, when assessing your request for transportation.


Number One – LIA strives to ensure that your personal desires and interests are directly addressed and considered from the start. In other words, we mold and contour our services around You; never attempting to force you into what we want or are limited to provide; as so many companies attempt to do. Our mission demands that we do everything possible to achieve your every request, not ours.


Number Two, we intentionally seek to obtain the highest in quality of limousines available anywhere throughout the entire U.S. Market. Therefore, the majority of our fleet is produced by Executive Coach Builders, Inc. out of Springfield, MO. ECB is considered among the very Highest Quality of Manufacturing, Styling & Cutting Edge Technology.


Therefore, have been certified by the Ford Motor Company and General Mothers, and been awarded prestigious QVM Status. Having reviewed the mechanical, electrical, cosmetic and overall quality and been approved that their factory standards have been met and exceeded. Henceforth, extends to every Limousine from ECB Bumper-to-Bumper Warranties for three times the standard factory production limitations of factory warranties.


Third, but by NO MEANS, any less important is the financial expense of yours service. Though we may provide the highest level of customer service and attention to detail, and purchase the best of the best limousines;


“We Do Not Charge you the High Retail Prices

that you may think would follow.”


Our ultimate desire is to charge you a very fair cost that will “Win you Over” and earn our life long dedication to serve you and your every transportation needs.


Additionally, we maintain and warehouse our fleet inside the same facility as our sister company which is a total service car wash & detail / lube / oil / maintenance facility.


This allows us to continually detail and fulfills our preventative maintenance schedules, ensuring you have the cleanest and most dependable vehicles possible. If there exists one “BOTTOM LINE” it would be: