Be the “SUPER-STAR” Celebrity Group when you arrive at your PROM in Atlanta


  • One person (Parent/Student) should be in charge of securing the Limousine Services in Atlanta.
  • Deal with a Legitimate Company that is certified by the State of Georgia and has a MCA # proving it. Don’t be embossed to ask; it’s your right and ensures your dealing with a creditable company.
  • Speak to the Owner, whenever possible and ask questions about their experience, past history and anything that settles your mind.
  • In Georgia, for the past 20 years a Limousine should cost each person approximately $ 75-100.00 (filling the capacity of the limousine)
  • Reserve as soon as possible, especially regarding April.
  • Have all Prom riders meet at one location for pictures and return to maximize your enjoyment time for Prom.
  • Most all Prom reservations are for at least 5 hours standard. (LIMOINATLANTA always Comps a 6th hour for No Charge because the kids will usually need it and illegitimate companies use this as a scam to get a few extra hundred at Midnight under the gun, sort of speak…….)
  • Have you dinner plans set and itinerary firm before leaving for the Prom.
  • Usually, depending on your agreement tipping drivers are from 10-20%.

                            Have a WONDERFUL 2017 PROM SEASON………